Model Home

by Alice Whately photographs by David Loftus

With its geometric lines and cool sorbet colours, model India Hicks' 60s Bahamian retreat is the perfect setting for entertaining. Alice Whately joins a tropical house party.

India Hicks is painting. Watery images of hibiscus flowers and conch shells soak into a pile of grainy postcards by her side, echoing larger pencil sketches hanging on coloured boards around the house. Later she addresses the cards to family in England, and friends in New York - People from a life filled with modelling assignments and fundraisers - a life she has decided to take a break from for six months at Savannah, the holiday home which her father, interior designer David Hicks, built in the Bahamas.

It is the perfect bolt hole. Hidden on the private island of Windermere, which connects to the larger island of Eleuthera by bridge, the house was inspired by an Egyptian tomb. Two pillars guard the entrance to the building, which is made of concrete mixed with sand taken from the beach two minutes' walk away. There is no television and no phone. 'Not being contactable is one of the reasons why I love being here,' explains India.

Kitted out by David Hicks in the 60s, the spacious pinky-beinge rooms are 'liberal and easy to live in' says India. The tomb-like quality makes the house feel solid-feeling which is reinforced by the cuboid tables.